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How Studying with the Best in the World Led Me to Where I Am Today | James P. Fiore

In the past thirty years, I have been fortunate enough to pursue a career that I am truly passionate about: Chiropractic. As a result of dedication and hard work, I’ve been able to study with some of the most renowned practitioners in the world. But more than anything else, I am thankful for being guided by an unseen force that ultimately led me to this path.

My mother had always wanted me to be a doctor. She was proud when she found out that I chose to enter the field of chiropractic. To me it seemed like an even better decision than becoming a medical doctor because it allows me to combine my passion for helping others with my love of physical activity.

As a chiropractor, I get to help people improve their quality of life on a daily basis. It is an incredibly gratifying and fulfilling work that motivates me every morning when I wake up. Even after having worked for 35 years in this profession, it still feels like such a privilege each time someone puts their trust in my hands and entrusts their well-being into my care.

Each day at work brings new challenges but also new opportunities for growth as well as learning experiences which keeps things fresh and exciting at all times. While chiropractic is physically & mentally demanding, it is ultimately worth all the effort when you see your patients smile again after they have experienced relief from their pain or regained mobility they thought was lost forever thanks to your specific upper cervical adjustments..

Most importantly though, working as a chiropractor has made me understand how life works in general – how you can only find success if you remain true to yourself and what you believe in; how self-discipline plays an invaluable role; how perseverance will eventually lead you where you are meant to go; how sticking with what you know will enable you reach heights never imagined before; most importantly though - never give up!

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