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Why New Moms Should Be Under a Blair Chiropractic Care Plan?

Updated: May 7, 2022

Pregnancy is an amazing thing. However, it causes varying degrees of pain and other not-so-pleasant experiences. Mothers tend to be very diligent about their care during pregnancy but what about after the baby is born?

The fourth trimester is a critical time for mom to recuperate. Chiropractic care may help speed the healing process and ensure healthy postpartum rehab.

As the baby grows in the womb, the mother’s weight increases significantly, sometimes by as much as 35 lbs. The extra weight applies a significant amount of pressure to the spine, spine discs, the upper spine’s curvature, and joints. This weight can shift mom’s center of gravity forward, increasing their lower back’s curvature.

It usually takes a postpartum mother a year to fully recover from childbirth but it has shown that women who get postnatal chiropractic care recover faster from postpartum than those who don’t. Seeking postpartum Chiropractic Care helps realign the spine and pelvis after birth. It is advised that postpartum patients be seen within the first two six weeks after birth and seek a treatment plan that works best for mom’s optimal results.

What benefits does post-pregnancy chiropractic care deliver? Here are 7 great benefits enjoyed by pregnant women who are under care with a Blair chiropractor before pregnancy.

1. High-quality Posture-related Care

Pregnant women’s bodies adapt to different postures throughout and after pregnancy. They have a different posture when walking and another when breastfeeding the baby. Picking the baby up from its crib necessitates a different one. And when hunching over the toilet bowl after a bout of early morning nausea, it’s a different posture.

If a person stays in an unnatural position for too long, they’ll almost always experience pain. The pain typically results from many small, repetitive strain injuries.

An experienced Blair Chiropractor works with you to help you determine the posture that works best for you. The adjustment you receive from a Blair chiropractor helps your body express all the life possibilities.

2. Restores the Body’s Normal Biomechanics As the baby grows, its mother gains weight appreciably. Her body will experience substantially increased pressure in different areas. There’s pressure in the back, in the hips, in the spinal column — everywhere. The center of gravity shifts forward and the person’s overall gait changes as well. At that point, the body’s bio-mechanics are out-of-whack. If the situation stays uncorrected, the patient could face a range of health-related issues with long-term consequences. After childbirth, make sure to have a Blair chiropractor check your nerve system to insure your body is functioning properly. Make sure to have your new born baby checked as well!

3. It Encourages Quicker Post-pregnancy Healing Being pregnant is tough, and childbirth is even tougher. Postpartum life isn’t any easier. That’s why seeing a chiropractor during and after pregnancy is critical. The body needs time and a bit of training if it’s to get back to its regular condition quickly. And that’s where quality Blair postpartum chiropractic care enters into the equation.

The postpartum healing process involves a number of different parts trying to resume their normal functioning. The spinal column needs attention, and so does the rest of the central nervous system.

A chiropractor understands the crucial role the spine and brain play in getting the body functioning normally and back in shape. With that knowledge in mind, they leverage their skills and expertise to quicken postpartum healing. They focus on realigning the spine; kicking into gear the body’s self-healing process.

New moms and other moms who’ve worked with our specialist know that chiropractic care can help postpartum rehabilitation. Our Chiropractor provides chiropractic advice so your body can heal even more quickly. Schedule a visit today and experience our exceptional Blair postpartum chiropractic care.

4. Helps Treat Sciatica If the lower part of your spine has problems, you’ll likely experience what chiropractors call sciatica. Nerve compression in the lower spine causes this situation. Some of the symptoms you may experience include pain in the lower back as well as in the legs. The pain felt in the legs is a numbing or tingling sensation, and it needs quick attention.

Sciatica typically happens during pregnancy rather than after. The baby’s increasing weight coupled with the expansion of the mom’s uterus causes the compression that leads to sciatica. However, sciatica can also happen postpartum. Why? Because the expansion of the uterus doesn’t cease after the baby is born.

Our chiropractor can adjust the patient’s body after childbirth, encouraging it to launch the self-healing process.

Sometimes, the cause of sciatica lies outside of our specialists’ scope. Where that’s the case, we’ll refer you to a physician who can handle it.

5. Relieves Pain Pregnant women experience all kinds of pain before and after childbirth. While all women encounter pain, new moms seem to suffer more. The patient endures lots of discomfort and pain in the neck and shoulder blades. Neck and shoulder pains often lead to bothersome headaches.

Add all these pains to the mother’s staying up all night because the baby won’t stop crying. What do you get? You have an exhausted mom who craves rest and sanity.

Our specialist will perform chiropractic adjustments that alleviate pregnancy-related sciatica, wrist pain, and elbow pain. With our expertise, neck, shoulder, and back pain vanishes, too.

6. Helps Stem Postpartum Depression Few things in life are as nasty as postpartum depression. After childbirth, moms are dealing with a whole range of challenging issues. It’s easy to worry that they’ll never get back that great pre-baby shape. Others fear they might get hurt during sex, yet they know they need to take care of their partner’s needs.

Then there’s all the pain. Not to mention waking up at 2.00 a.m. to put the baby back to sleep or breastfeed it. All these little events can snowball into a bad case of postpartum depression. Some women think it’s normal, but it’s not. If you’re feeling depressed during pregnancy or after childbirth, see an experienced chiropractor.

7. Supports and Promotes Pelvic Rehabilitation Dealing with pelvic pain and discomfort? Quality chiropractic for pregnancy and postpartum can and will do wonders for your pelvis. Hurtful sex, weak pelvic and back muscles and leaks can make new moms feel extremely frustrated.

Many moms don’t like their new postpartum look. They feel they’re no longer the beautiful person they were pre pregnancy and after childbirth. These endless problems make motherhood feel like one prolonged stop in hell.

You really should go for pelvic rehabilitation immediately after childbirth. If you don’t, chances are good you’ll soon start hating motherhood. And if you’re not careful, your marital relationship may suffer terribly.

Talk to a Caring Blair Chiropractor Now Pregnancy and motherhood shouldn’t turn your life into misery. Taking action to alleviate pain and suffering demonstrates you’re proactive. It means you’re a problem-solver who takes challenges head-on instead of fretting over them.

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