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Suffering from Migraine? This One Is for You

Do you think you have tried everything there is when it comes to migraines? According to Dr. Fiore, an upper cervical chiropractor in Santa Ana, there is still an option that is likely unknown to many people. Read on to learn more about migraines and a possible option that can help alleviate your migraines.

A few thinks that migraines are just like any other headache. People suffering from migraines wish that were true. The thing is, migraines bring about more than pain in the head. These can probably help paint a picture of what it is like to experience a migraine attack:

  • Intense, overwhelming, and pulsating headache

  • Slight movements cause nausea, which ultimately leads to vomiting

  • Sense of imbalance marked by a spinning feeling

  • Heightened sensory awareness of the eyes, ears, and nose

  • Pain persists for a few hours to a few days.

The World Health Organization recognizes migraine as a neurological disorder that affects the brain, nerves, joints, muscles, and spinal cord. Migraine episodes are common occurrences, and the effects are not limited to the person or the immediate family.

Studies show that migraine is a leading reason for absenteeism in the workplace. People who can soldier through the pain and report to work are not as productive as expected. Migraine can cause severe changes in a person's life.

Risk Factors

Although there are numerous factors, an upper cervical chiropractor in Santa Ana considers these the top three:

  • Gender

Migraines can affect both men, women, adults, and children. However, women are more likely to have likely attacks. Older people are susceptible to migraines than young ones.

  • Genetics

Your family's medical history can clue you in on your chances of acquiring migraines. Unfortunately, this is a condition that can be shared by blood relations.

  • Pre-existing conditions

The presence of medical conditions like epilepsy, hypertension, and fibromyalgia can lead to migraine attacks. The term migralepsy refers to people diagnosed with both epilepsy and migraines. Although not a clinically approved term, it shows the close link between the two.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Migraine Catalysts

Aside from the risk factors that can lead to migraines, these can also set off an episode:

  • Inadequate sleep

Understandably, more and more people view sleep as another item on the to-do list in today's environment. What used to be a requirement of 6-8hours of sleepful bliss is now an optional experience for some. Others have even resorted to napping instead of sleeping. Ultimately, not getting enough rest can lead to overexertion, fatigue, and migraine.

What you can do today to help with your migraines is to adapt a sleeping schedule and adhere to it. Don't wait until the pain wears off before embarking on a renewed lifestyle. If you are nursing a migraine, you are likely in bed. So now is the best time to start.

  • Bodily injury

According to our upper cervical chiropractor in Santa Ana, bodily injury particularly in the head and neck areas can activate pain signals. Injury can come in vehicular accidents, contact sports, or even non-alarming tumbles at home.

To protect yourself, make sure you fasten your seatbelts once you get in the car. Adjust your headrest as well to reduce the impact of whiplash in the unlikely event of an accident. If you love contact sports, you can still foster the affections from the sidelines.

Repeated blows to the head and body cause migraines. An embarrassing slip in the living room might not be just that. Watch out for post-tumble head pain that might surface sometime after.

  • Food and drinks

Anything in excess is not good, and this cannot be truer when it comes to migraines. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to loss of balance and throbbing headaches with light sensitivity. Extra dark chocolate can set off a migraine attack. The same goes for caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee.

Not all people have the same preferences or aversion to food. Please take note of what food or drink might have triggered your migraine and avoid them next time. One thing is sure, though. Excessive drinking will lead to a migraine regardless of your alcohol tolerance.

  • Hormones

Changes in hormonal levels are more likely in women. However, men also have hormones in their bodies, so they are not exempt from this.

Women can track their cycles and make sure that they lessen migraine triggers during this period. It might not ward off an attack, but it can help ease the discomfort. It is a bit trickier for men but paying attention to your body might help you prepare.

Care Choices

If migraine persists despite your active campaign in minimizing the triggers, then these are some of the things you can do

  • Seek professional care

Migraines are neurological disorders that affect different parts of our body. It is not something we should take lightly and resolve on our own. Go and see a doctor. Get prescription medication meant to address migraines.

  • See an upper cervical chiropractor

Upper cervical chiropractors know the impact of the neck's alignment on bodily functions. The neck is a part of the spinal column that encases the spinal cord. The neck also connects the head and the body. The body's communication system goes haywire if a bone or more are out of alignment.

The good thing is that upper cervical chiropractors can restore alignment in most cases. By correcting the gaps and putting the bones and discs in their proper order, the body can regain control of the communication pathway and start processing signals correctly. A realigned neck can lead to relief from migraines.

Migraine Relief from An Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Santa Ana

Our office, Straight Chiropractic is located in Santa Ana, California. When you visit, Dr. Fiore can assess your neck's alignment to determine if everything is aligned or not. In cases when there are gaps or deterioration, he uses techniques that precisely restore symmetry.

One of the likely results is the release of tension in the areas surrounding the neck. Another possibility is the renewed smooth transmittal of signals to the brain and the body's different parts. As a result, you may experience a reprieve from the effects of migraines.

Dr. Fiore can help you make these a reality. This care option might work for you and help address your condition. Come and schedule your appointment with Dr. Fiore now. Determine if upper cervical chiropractic care is a viable solution to your migraines.

To schedule a consultation in our Santa Ana office call 714-543-2430, or just click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at

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